Two losers from a Jeopardy! tryout developed this site.

“Losers” is harsh considering they made it to L.A. for in-person tryouts. They sat next to each other inside a hotel conference room and waited for their turn.

Ivan was a broad-shouldered website developer with an affinity for science, history, and potent potables, which he ironically had a hard time pronouncing. (Potpourri’s a tough one, too.)

Andy introduced himself as a marketing exec, well-versed in cultural categories, TV, current events, literary references, even state capitals if he’s given enough time to sing a song he learned in 4th grade.

Did they meet Alex Trebek? No. Did they come really close? Also no. But did they see someone in the hotel who kind of looked like Alex Trebek from far away? Yes! Yes, they did see that. And it was all the inspiration they needed to do something productive with their collective pool of facts.

So here it is: Categorized trivia questions you’ve always wanted the answer to! Or you never knew you wanted the answer to. Or maybe you already have the answer to. Hey, good for you.

To Ask Questions - Jeopardy! Tryout

We hope you enjoy