How many ounces in a cup

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In the United States, one standard measuring cup (1 cup) contains 8 fluid ounces.
In the UK, one standard measuring cup (1 cup) contains 250 ml

Equality Cup 10 imperial ounces, equal to 0.96 ounces in the US because they are based on autoirdup (weight) ounce.

This standard – as with standard spoon measurements – is calculated from country to country. In addition, regular cups of coffee can vary greatly in capacities, so standards are always used depending on the origin of the recipe, and not those used in the kitchen cabinet.

The angles of a liquid are a measurement that does not match the weight of an object. Volume measurements are the fill volume of a container, which is completely different from how much the item weighs. A cup of chopped carrots will weigh more than a cup of chopped marshmallows.

In many cases, there are some variations in the quantities that are irrelevant, but especially when baking, using cups of different sizes can be disastrous. Therefore, the standard measures and checks the standard of origin of the recipe in the case.


1 cup = 8 ounces


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