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Lots of people want to know where does Mr. Beast live?

Jimmy Donaldson, is a 23-year-old American YouTuber that goes by the screen name, Mr. Beast. He has a net worth between 15 and 25 million dollars. He resides in Greenville, North Carolina, and lives with this older brother and mother.

Mr. Beast has at least 3 billion views and more on his YouTube channel in the years between 2019-2020. As of 2020, his channel has 48.6 million subscribers. But now as of 2021, the subscribers of his channel have reached 80.3 million and the views of the channel have now reached 13.4 billion.

He is not only known as a YouTuber. He is also a businessman and a great philanthropist. He is famous for giving away millions of dollars amount to random strangers.

Moreover, people seek his address with the thought that if they ever come across Mr. Beast. They could have a chance of getting Millions of dollars from him.

The reason for this unbelievable success and fame of Mr. Beast is the amazing and viral content he makes. He knows how to spark curiosity in the audience. That’s what he ensures while making his content. The journey of Mr. Beast shows how important is to tap into audiences’ interests and preferences.

His content ranges from challenges, stunts to general vlogs. It makes the audience connect with him more and resonate with his content.

He not only owns one YouTube channel. He has 7 other channels on YouTube that continue to increase his viewership and fame.

Mr. Beast’s name is on the list of the top 10 highest-paid YouTuber in 2020.

That’s the reason why everyone in the world is seeking his location and dreaming to get millions of dollars randomly from him.

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