Why Is My Dog Eating Grass

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If you see your dog eating grass, you might be wondering why he’s doing this and whether it’s dangerous to him or your lawn. Dogs have many reasons for eating grass and are not doing damage to your yard, though they can mess up their digestion if they overeat it! This article will tell you what you need to know about why dogs eat grass, along with how to stop them from eating it if required.

Why do dogs eat grass?

We’ve all seen our dogs munching on a mouthful of greenery or heard them snuffling at it: why do dogs eat grass? While there are many theories about why dogs eat grass, it’s likely for one of two reasons: either to aid digestion (since it does contain fiber) or to help remedy an upset stomach. To determine if your dog has eaten some grass due to indigestion, monitor his behavior and observe whether he starts vomiting or if his stool changes color. If no such changes occur within 12 hours, rest assured that your furry friend isn’t ill—it was just a craving!

Could you be giving your dog something toxic?

If you’ve ever noticed your dog chowing down on the grass, you might have experienced a few moments of panic. Is your pet going to be OK? Are there some harmful side effects of ingesting too much green stuff that he needs to know about ASAP? Good news: Your furry friend will be just fine—as long as he doesn’t eat any potentially toxic plants like lilies or rhododendrons. Dogs are grazing creatures by nature and enjoy a good snack from time to time.

How can I stop my dog from eating grass?

The average dog will happily munch on grass when given the opportunity—especially when it’s a puppy. There is actually no reason to stop your dog from eating grass but remember these few rules.

  • If you’re using any herbicides or pesticides on your lawn it’s best to keep fido from eating the grass. Consumption should be harmful to your pet
  • Ensure your dog is getting the proper nutrition in their dogfood. You might consider changing your dog food brand and see if your dogs craving (for your yard) goes away.
  • Make sure your dog is getting enough exercise, there have been studies linked to lack of exercise and eating grass.


Dogs are hardwired to be carnivores, so if your pup has a taste for green vegetation, it’s probably because he lacks nutrients in his diet. Speak with your vet about adding more protein or fiber to your furry friend’s diet.

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