How Many Bones Are In The Human Body

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Bones are an intricate part of your body, but how many bones are in the human body? It’s a question to answer because there isn’t an exact number — instead, there are 206 different types of bones found throughout your body. Some people may have more than 206 bones, and others may have less than 206 bones, depending on how many muscles attach to each bone type.

206 Bones

If you want to know how many bones are in a human body, there are 206 bones in total. However, it’s not surprising to learn that most of these are tiny and unimportant — such as sesamoid bones that aren’t even visible or ossicles like those found in your inner ear. So instead, we should focus on the fact that there are only 22 named bones, which means they have both a common name and a proper Latin one.


There are 32 bones in your skull. These include 14 cranial bones (the eighth smallest of which form a protective case around your brain) and 18 facial bones. Together, these two categories of bone make up what’s known as your neurocranium, or braincase. The only opening in your neurocranium is called the foramen magnum; it allows for blood vessels and nerves to pass between your brain and spinal cord.

skull bones

Spinal Column

Your spinal column (or spine) has 33 vertebrae—24 moveable. The remaining 9 make up your skull. The vertebrae in your back are divided into five regions: cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral, and coccygeal.
Spinal Column

Long Bone

However, there is a difference between male and female long bones. Females have smaller bones than males because they don’t need as much calcium to protect against osteoporosis. As a result, males have longer bones for muscle attachment, and females have shorter ones for better reproductive capabilities.

Short bone

There are 206 short bones in the human body. Among these bones, one hundred eighty are connected to our limbs (arms and legs), while 26 are found in our hands. Short bones include carpals, tarsals, metacarpals, and phalanges. In addition, they can be found in fingers and toes.

list of all bonest, skeleton


Two hundred six bones in our bodies, and it turns out that men have about 40 more than women. Wow! But those aren’t even close to being all of them. What about all of those tiny little bones in your inner ear or any of your other bones that get smaller and smaller as they get further away from your heart? We can’t forget about them.

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